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True North Services LLC

Integrated Logistics Solutions


Rapid Delivery, Flexible Package

True North Services is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible, cost effective, innovative and forward thinking solutions to complex logistical and operational problems.

We acquire assets and technology for deployment worldwide to facilitate project operations and cargo delivery.

Products and services we provide include the following:

  • Port Construction
  • Port Expansion
  • Offshore Storage
  • Offshore Drilling Support
  • Marine Offloading Facilities
  • Breakwaters

To meet increasing demands worldwide for rapid deployment of marine operation facilities, True North has acquired an inventory of floating bridge pontoons.

These pontoons are US built and therefore qualify for US Export Import Bank project financing.

The pontoons can be retrofit to meet operational and capability needs prior to deployment.

We invite your organization to look at how we can save you capital costs and time, while actually making the “Reduce / Reuse / Recycle” motto a reality on a large scale.

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